The Dimopoulos Group is an international team of scientists, that study mosquitoes wich transmit human pathogens such as malaria parasites and denue virus, as part to their postdoctoral training,  or PhD and master degree thesis research.
GD GDFLAGS George Dimopoulos, PhD MBA, Professor / Group Leader. George has lead his group since 2003. He has worked on mosquito vector biology since 1991, and pioneered with several discoveries in mosquito-pathogen interactions, innate immunity and microbiota.
YAR PUERTO RICO FLAG Yesseinia Anglero-Rodriguez, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Yesseinia studies Aedes - dengue virus interactions with an emphasis on virus host factors, and how the mosquito mycobiome can influence susceptibility to virus infection. She also studies mosquito immune activator compounds.
JC JC Jenny Carlson, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Jenny is studying the Anopheles microbiota and how microbial exposure of larval stages may influence immune competence of adults. She is also studing the mosquitocidal activity of Chromobacterium Csp_P in a semi-field facility in Zambia.
Nahid  Iran Nahid Borhani Dizaji, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Nahid studies the fitness cost/gain of immune-transgenesis, with a special focus on how recombinant Rel2 over-expression may influence the microbiota of reproductive organs, and how this may affect mating bahavior.
YD CHINA FLAG Yuemei Dong, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Yuemei has pursued pioneering work on mosquito immunity by characterizing the AgDSCAM pattern recognition receptor and by developing the first super-immune Plasmodium-resistant mosquitoes. She is continuing research in these areas.
SK SOUTH KOREA FLAG Seokyoung Kang, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Seokyoung studies mosquito - pathogen interactions with an emphasis on host factors that can be used to attenuate pathogen infection using small molecule inhibitors or dsRNAs. He also studies a novel Plasmodium host factor.
SS USA FLAG Sarah Short, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Sarah studies the Aedes microbiota with a focus on mosquito genes/systems that can influence the  microbial load of the intestine. See her website  for more information on Sarah's resarch.
ML3 PORTUGAL FLAG Maria Luisa Simoes, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Maria Luisa is studying the regulation of mosquito immunity by micro-RNAs and how this can be used to genetically confer resistance to Plasmodium. She is also developing a new generation of malaria resistant GM mosquitoes.
Hannah 1 USA FLAG Hannah MacLeod, BSc, pre-doctoral graduate student. Hannah is studying the mosquitocidal activity of Chromobacterium, a potential new weapon against malaria and dengue. She is also studying the mosquito's core microbiome using "phage therapy".
RS PORTUGAL FLAG Raul Saraiva, MS, pre-doctoral graduate student. Raul is isolating and characterizing bacteria-produced anti-Plasmodium and anti-dengue virus factors, and is studying the implication of Anopheles immune pathways in the defense against P. vivax infection.
ATRI INDIA FLAG Abhai Tripathi, PhD, Research Associate, Parasitology Core Facility Manager. Abhai is a malaria parasitologist and expert in Plasmodium culturing, malaria drug discovery, and the development of high throughput anti-Plasmodium screening assays.
GMLAMBO ZAMBIA FLAG Godfree Mlambo, PhD, Research Associate, Parasitology Core Facility Manager. Godfree is a malaria parasitologist and expert on Plasmodium culturing, transgenesis, mosquito infections, and sporozoites production of both human and mouse malaria parasites.
Purnima INDIA FLAG Purnima Ravisankar, BSc, ScM program graduate student. Purnima studies bacteria-produced antimicrobial factors, and the implication of candidate Plasmodium host factors in regulating infection in A. gambiae. 
Celia 1 USA FLAG Celia Demby, BSc, pre-doctoral graduate student. Celia characterized the JAK-STAT pathway regulated dengue virus restriction factors to elucidate mosquito antiviral defenses. She was also studying the influence of mosquito-associated fungi on the susceptibility to the dengue virus.
NJ THAILAND FLAG Natapong Jupatanakul (Tui), MS, pre-doctoral graduate student. Tui elucidated the role of novel immune factors in anti-dengue virus response. He studied the use of transgenesis to develop dengue virus resistant mosquitoes. He is now a researcher in Thailand.
JW CHINA FLAG Jingru Fang (Katie), BSc, ScM program graduate student. Katie used biochemical and molecular methods to define the nature of bacteria-produced metabolites that have anti-pathogen activity. She is now working on arboviruses at UTMB.
SVT USA FLAG Sarah Van Tol, BSc, ScM program graduate student. Sarah is investigated whether malaria and dengue transmission-blocking bacteria of the mosquito intestine can be vertically and transstadially transmitted. She is now pursuing her PhD at UTMB.
JA THAILAND FLAG Benjarat Phatta (Ja), BSc. Ja is a graduate (PhD) student at Chiangmai University, and was studying the Aedes aegypti microbiota and how it may influence vector competence for dengue. She tested several bacterial isolates for influence on dengue infection in cells and mosquitoes.
Gabriela BRAZIL FLAG Gabriela Bassi Maia, Visiting Fellow.  Gabriela was a Biomedical Sciences student from Sao Camilo University Center in Sao Paulo, and trained on various aspects of molecular entomology through the  Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program.
Ligia BRAZIL FLAG Ligia Correia Lima de Souza, Visiting Fellow.  Ligia was a medical student from the Federal University of Bahia, and trained on various aspects of molecular biology and entomology through the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program.


BJB USA FLAG Benjamin Blumberg, PhD, PhD, Pre-doctoral graduate student. Ben characterized genes involved in bacteria-independent anti-Plasmodium defenses. He also studied Penicillium fungi that rendered the mosquito more susceptible to infection. He will pursue PD training at JHSPH.
PIKE USA FLAG Andrew Pike, PhD, PhD, pre-doctoral graduate student. Pike characterized the A. stephensi IMD pathway-regulated transcriptome and proteome, and studied the fitness cost/gain of immune-transgenesis. He is a PD at the University of Maryland.
OCTAVIO BRAZIL FLAG Octavio Augusto Talyuli da Cunha, BSc, Visiting Fellow. Octavio trained in various molecular techniques and infection assays. He studied the influence of a yeast on mosquito resistance to Plasmodium.
ND UK FLAG Nathan Dennison, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Nathan performed pioneering studies of Anopheles micro-RNA responses to Plasmodium infection, and linked micro-RNAs with the regulation of anti-Plasmodium defense. He is a scientist at Imperial College London.
Koi THAILAND FLAG Chontida Tangsongcharoen (Koi), BSc, Visiting Fellow. Koi studied bacteria-produced larvicidal factors that specifically inhibit Culex larvae. She studied the mosquito transcriptome responses to exposure to these factors, to understand the mechanism of action.
SSANDI TRINIDAD FLAG Simone Sandiford, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Simone identified several interacting protein partners of mosquito immune pattern recognition receptors using a Y2H screen. She also studied the role of a mosquito actin as an extracellular immune factor.
YC CHINA FLAG Yang Chen, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Yang worked on novel mosquito immune-regulators and developed transgenic Anopheles mosquitoes that over-express PGRP-LC and Caspar-dsRNA, resulting in Plasmodium resistance. He is now becoming a programmer.
USA FLAG George (Ned) Barringer, ScM program graduate student. Ned studied a mosquito gut-associated yeast that influences the mosquito's susceptibility to Plasmodium infection. The mechanism of parasite inhibition is still unknown and subject to further studies.
  USA FLAG Alicia Majeau, ScM program graduate student. Alicia screened and identified bacteria that could influence mosquito attractiveness, presumably through olfactory cues. Such bacteria could be used to enhance mosquito attraction to bacteria-spiked sugar baits.
AS TRINIDAD FLAG Alicia Shields, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Alicia studied the implication of dengue virus host factors in regulating susceptibility to the virus. She also studied the influence of a Penicillium fungus on mosquito susceptibility to dengue virus infection.
OBM SPAIN FLAG Omar BenMarzouk, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Omar studied mosquito microbiota and initiated a project that discovered Anopheles micro-RNAs that were implicated in regulating mosquito susceptibility to Plasmodium. He is a PD at the Inst. for Res. in Biomed, Sevilla.
AB BRAZIL FLAG Ana Bahia, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Ana identified a Serratia bacterium that exerts both entomopathogenic and anti-Plasmodium activities. She also collaborated on several other projects. She is a junior faculty at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
INDIA FLAG Alekhya Valdahami, ScM program graduate student. Alekhya studied the implication of several serine proteases and serpins in A. stephensi immunity to P. falciparum and bacterial infection. She also studied the mosquito IMD pathway-regulated transcriptome.
AC USA FLAG April Clayton, PhD, pre-doctoral graduate student. April characterized the Anopheles Caudal gene, and showed that it was implicated in regulating susceptibility to P. falciparum infection and the intestinal microbiota. She is a PD at the NIH.
RCHA INDIA FLAG Ramesh Chandra, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Ramesh developed a mosquito cell line with an immune-inducible luciferase marker. He also identified AgDSCAM splicing factors that were regulated by the immune system. He is a PD at the University of Maryland.
SSIM SINGAPORE FLAG Shuzhen Sim, PhD, pre-doctoral graduate student. Shuzhen showed that dengue virus infection suppresses mosquito immunity and influences host seeking behavior. She also studied field population variations in vector competence. She is a PD at the Genome Institute of Singapore.
JLR USA FLAG Jose Luis Ramirez, PhD, pre-doctoral graduate student. Jose Luis performed the first field-based Aedes microbiota studies and discovered a Chromobacterium that mediate entomopathogenic and anti-pathogen activities. He is a PD at the NIH.
CMC USA FLAG Chris Cirimotich, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Chris performed pioneering work that for the first time showed that a bacterium can directly inhibit Plasmodium development in the mosquito gut. He is an Intelligence Analyst at Battelle.
JSN BRAZIL FLAG Jayme Souza-Neto, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Jayme established the implication of the Aedes aegypti JAK-STAT pathway in anti-dengue defense, and also collaborated on a variety of other projects. He is a Principal Investigator at the Vectomics Lab, Sao Paulo State University.
SDAS INDIA FLAG Sushismita Das, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Smita studied the imfluence of photic stimulation on the mosquito circadian rhythm and feeding behavior, and participated in the generation of transgenic mosquitoes. She is an Assistant professor at the Taradevi Jain College.
FM ITALY FLAG Fabio Manfredini, PhD, Visiting Fellow. Fabio studied the mosquito microbiota, looking at variations in microbial load and species composition between individuals, and generations of, mosquitoes. He is a Staff Scientist/Researcher at the Royal Holloway University of London.
ZX CHINA FLAG Zhiyong Xi, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Zhiyong introduced the dengue virus infection model to Dimopoulos Group and performed pioneering work on mosquito immune pathway implication in anti-dengue defense. He is an Associate Professor at the Michigan State University.
LG USA FLAG Lindsey Garver, PhD, pre-doctoral graduate student. Lindsey performed pioneering work on the IMD pathway, showing that is was implicated in the defense against P. falciparum infection. She is a Senior Research Scientist at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.
EW UK FLAG Emma Warr, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Emma characterized the Anopheles midgut transcriptome, studied the GNBP gene family and the implication of anti-Plasmodium immune factors in melanization. She is a Research Assistant at Keele University.
RA SPAIN FLAG Ruth Aguilar, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Ruth performed field studies of mosquito immunity in Cameroon. She also studied the selective pressure of Plasmodium infection on the Anopheles transcriptome. She is a Staff Scientist at the Barcelona Center for International Health Research.
HT USA FLAG Harry Taylor, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Harry initiated the characterization of the Anopheles Down Syndrome Cell Adhesion Molecule (AgDSCAM) hypervariable pattern recognition receptor. He is a Research Assistant Professor at Northwestern University.
MR USA FLAG Makeda Robinson, MD, undergraduate trainee. Makeda was involved in a variety of projects that focused on molecular aspects of the Anopheles innate immune system. She is a resident at the Global Health Sciences, UCSF.
AM PORTUGAL FLAG Antonio Mendes, PhD, Visiting Fellow. Antonio's project focused on the the Anopheles gambiae salivary gland transcriptome, using microarray-based data. He pursued a PhD at Imperial College London, and is now a PD at the Instituto Medicina Molecular, Lisbon.
VM GREECE FLAG Vassiliki Mahairaki, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Vassiliki studied the Plasmodium parasite's interaction with the mosquito midgut. She continued with a postdoctoral training at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

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